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My name is Harry Hu. It’s my pleasure to meet you here. I’m an enthusiastic person with great zeal toward all things in my life. As a professional trainer, I will be happy to provide you with helpful suggestions to enhance your English speaking and writing skills. We can also chat online via Wechat or other messenger services if you feel you need some help with your studies and life abroad.

Interesting things about me

  • Graduate of Peking University. B.A. in English Language & Literature.
  • Upon graduating, I worked for a foreign enterprise ranked 89 in Fortune 500
  • Served as a translator of English novels
  • Worked as an English teacher for the Chinese National Ping-Pong Team during the London Olympics.

Accomplishments as a trainer and educator

When I applied to universities in North America, I achieved a very high score in the TOEFL examination– 30 points in both Reading and Writing. My personal success with TOEFL is testimony to my expertise regarding this examination. I have been teaching students in since 2010 and am an experienced lecturer and trainer.

Because my true passion lay in English language teaching, in 2010, I changed my career to become a professional Trainer and language consultant. Since then, I’ve worked a lecturer and advanced trainer at elite language training institutions (e.g. XDF, Woodpecker Edu.) where I taught students in all four sections of TOEFL, (primary focus on Speaking & Writing) and SAT Writing (Essay & Grammar). I’m proud to report that I have excellent success in helping students achieve much higher ability and scores in Speaking & Writing level. One typical case among my students is that of Cher, now a student at UCB. After training with me for one year, her TOEFL score rose from 91 to 115.

TOEFL score before training with me


TOEFL score after training with me


Also very impressive was the fact that her SAT writing score rose from 580 to 780 (essay: score rose from 8 to 11; Grammar: improved from 20 incorrect answers to only one incorrect answer).

SAT writing improvement 700

SAT writing improvement 780








And as for students’ training in SAT Reading section, that’s another story…— she also achieved brilliant results!

SAT writing- another story











Here is an example of some of my editing work so you have an idea of the types of changes that I will make:

Example of editing by Harry
Sample of the my editing work. Your documents will look great!














Suggestions to improve your TOEFL and SAT scores

Over the years I’ve found a lot of outstanding resources to help students improve their scores and overall ability. We have made a list of useful websites, software and other resources here at “Links to Materials“.

Check out these invaluable tools!

Working with Trimal

University Applications and Documents- If you are applying to universities in North American, Europe or Australia, we can help you with the entire process. Trimal has helped many students obtain admission to top universities in the USA and Canada.
Be careful when you choose agencies 中介 that help with university applications– they often provide poor service, badly written documents and are not motivated to help students once you have paid their hefty fees. Also, they usually do not have English native speakers on staff. Thanks to the expert team of Harry and Ray, Trimal provides personalized help, professional documents written/edited by experienced native speakers, and will help you gain admission to an excellent university. Trimal’s fees are the same or lower than most agencies中介.

Editing and Proofreading- If you need help with editing or writing documents, academic papers, theses or dissertations, you can count on us to provide professional help. Contact us through the Trimal Editing email or Wechat and Raymond and I will respond as quickly as we can.

TOEFL, GRE, SAT Training- If you need help with TOEFL, GRE and SAT, I can help you improve your scores dramatically. If you are based in Beijing, we can meet for face-to-face study. If you are elsewhere, we can meet online via Wechat, QQ or other online service.


Trimal 团队成员 – Harry Hu




  • 毕业于北京大学英语专业,获得学士学位
  • 毕业后,我去了一家财富500强排名89的外企工作
  • 英文小说译者
  • 于伦敦奥运会期间为中国国家男子乒乓球队教授英语


当我申请北美大学高校时,我在托福考试中获得了非常高的分数- 114分(其中阅读和写作满分)。我在托福考试上的成功是我在此领域专业技能的证明。作为一名经验丰富的讲师和培训师,我从2010年开始就一直在教授学生。

由于我对英语教学有真正的热情,2010年,我改变了我的职业生涯轨迹,成为了一名专业的培训师和语言顾问。从那时开始,我就在一些精英语言培训机构(如新东方,啄木鸟教育)任职讲师和资深培训师。我在机构里教授托福全科课程(主要集中在口语和写作)和SAT写作课程(包括写作和语法)。我很自豪的说,我在帮助学生提升语言能力和提高口语和写作分数上获得了极大的成功。我的学生当中一个典型的例子是Wang Jiahui同学,现在是加州大学伯克利分校的在校生。培训该生一年时间,她的托福成绩从91提高到115。






SAT writing improvement 700

SAT writing improvement 780








至于在SAT阅读方面的培训,那就是另一个故事了…… – 她也获得了特别好的成绩!

SAT writing- another story












Example of editing by Harry














Over the years I’ve found a lot of outstanding resources to help students improve their scores and overall ability. We have made a list of useful websites, software and other resources here at “Links to Materials“.


大学申请和文件- 如果您要申请北美、欧洲或澳大利亚的大学,我们能在整个过程中为您提供帮助。Trimal已经帮助很多学生获得了美国和加拿大顶尖大学的录取。


编辑和校对- 如果您需要文书、学术论文、课题论文或学位论文的编辑或写作帮助,您可以依赖我们为您提供的专业人士的帮助。请通过Trimal Editing email或微信联系我们,Raymond和我会尽快回复。

TOEFL, GRE, SAT Training– 如果您需要托福,GRE和SAT的帮助,我能帮助您显著提高成绩。如果您在北京,我们可以面对面进行学习交流。如果你在其它地方,我们可以通过微信,QQ和其它网络服务在线交流。

Harry Hu

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