Gear & Equipment Review 设备评估

For many years I have worked on research projects in Canada, Japan, and China. This work involved interviewing people, taking photographs of heritage buildings and structures, cultural performances and practices, religious ritual and martial arts in research sites across Canada, Japan and China.

This type of ethnographic research, people and culture-centered research is always fascinating. It also very labour intensive and time consuming. Most of the time, I had only one opportunity to record the data that I had expended so much effort to collect.
When preparing for fieldwork trips, online searches revealed few resources that review equipment that is well suited for social science field research. By trial and error and experience, I finally managed to develop a fieldwork kit that is lightweight, comparatively inexpensive and yields results that rival professional gear that is far more expensive.

As every researcher knows, the excitement of fieldwork does not last forever. After returning to the office, data must be categorized and analyzed, photographs must be sorted, renamed and tagged with relevant metadata. Over the last few years, I developed a workflow that relies on a range of software tools to process, catalogue and analyze my digital data. And in the course of my research and work, to my surprise, I also found that many students and researchers quite unaware of these time-saving workflow methods and related hardware and software tools.

The following posts are reviews that evaluate photography and audio recording equipment as well as computer hardware and computer software that I have found invaluable in my own research and as a qualitative data analysis consultant. I hope that you will find that the reviews here to be helpful.

Currently I review 3 types of equipment . Click on the drop-down menu above, or click on the links below to visit each category.


Photographic Equipment

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Gear & Equipment Review 设备评估

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