Trimal Documents & Consulting 三合文件与咨询

Trimal Document and Consulting provides document proofreading and editing for academics and business, Chinese-English translation, and assistance with university applications.

Our services are used by:

1. Undergraduate, graduate and PhD students and academics
2. ESL students
3. Business and corporations for web sites and documents
4. Government websites and documents.
5. Individuals in need of personal document editing.

Trimal Editing offers two main services:

I. Editing, Document Proofreading, Writing, and Educational Services

II. Translation, Interpreting and Teaching

I. Editing, Document writing, and Educational Consulting

  • Document proofreading and editing of academic papers, Masters and PhD theses and dissertations in nearly every discipline.
  • Document proofreading and editing of books, articles websites, emails, websites, business proposals, grants, sales contracts, brochures, and other formal business documents.
  • Custom-designed research reports and papers on topics ranging from social sciences to contemporary business trends.
  • Translation and interpreting services. Many years experience in Chinese to English interpreting and translation.
  • One-on-one tutoring for children, adults, professionals. Business English and cultural awareness and communication courses.
  • Provision of professional English language and cultural awareness and communication courses.

When we edit your document, we will check and make appropriate changes for the following:

Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation
– sentence structure, tense and proper use of active and passive voice
– proper use of articles such as: a, an, the
– proper use of prepositions such as: at, by, for, in, on, to
– use of proper punctuation
– spelling mistakes and word-usage mistakes
– improper usage of contractions, and errors in capitalization

– ensuring that the structure and content flow well and follow a logical progression
– check and restructure resumes for most effective structure and formatting

Usage, Flow and Style
– accuracy of words and word variation/diversity ascertain if the – style is in accordance with academic style requirements
– ensure smooth connections from one sentence to the next.

Learn how to improve your writing
We will provide many comments and suggestions throughout the paper so that you (the writer) can learn how to improve your writing skills.

Three Levels of Editing Service:

1. Elite Editing– for documents by non-native speakers of English that require extensive changes and rewriting. Intensive editing ensures the writer’s thought process is expressed clearly so that their ideas are powerful and succinct.

Cost: $0.18 USD (1.2 rmb) per English word
Note: 95% of documents by non-native speakers need this level of service

2. Intensive Editing– for documents by near-native speakers of English that require significant changes and occasional rewriting.

Costs: $0.11 USD (0.7 rmb) per English word
Note: this price is for copy-editing, not intensive rewriting most of the document.

3. Light Editing– for documents by near-native speakers of English that require standard corrections for usage, grammar and punctuation.

Costs: $0.40 USD (0.27 rmb) per English word
Note: this price is for grammar editing, which includes the correction of punctuation, verb tense, spelling, and sentence structure. It does not include re-writing and is generally for documents by English native speakers.

Calculating Costs

Charging per word allows you to calculate your own cost before submitting your document.

Minimum Charge: $63 USD (421 rmb), regardless of word count.

Explanation: “Minimum Charge” means: If your document is only 50 words, the cost will NOT be 50 x $0.18 USD = $9. The charge will be $63 USD. Any document less than 350 words will be $63 USD. Any document over 350 words will be charged at the per-word rate.
However, if you want me to correct:
♦ a maximum of 2 short letters, (ie. 200 words each), and
♦ a document longer than 5000 words
then we can combine the word count and I will charge for 5400 words. In this case, I won’t charge the $63 minimum for each 200 word document. Special cases can be discussed.

Urgent/Rush Charge:
“4-Day Rush”
– 40% extra for rush jobs that must be completed within 4 days (ie $0.25 USD/word for Elite Service).
“24 Hour Rush”– 100% extra if you need the job within 24 hours (ie $0.36 USD/word for Elite Service).

Time Required: All regular jobs will be completed within 7 days. Rush jobs will be finished within 4 days or within 24 hours.

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II.  Interpreting, Seminars and Teaching

Chinese-English Interpreting. Years of experience providing Chinese-English translation at academic events and for corporate clients. Choosing Trimal ensures that you have a native English speaker and Canadian on your team providing culturally accurate professional interpretation. Cost: $800 USD (5,343 rmb) per 7 hour day.

One-on-One Tutoring. I can work with you one-on-one to correct your paper and show you what is wrong and why it should be changed/edited. Students can quickly learn how to write using a more natural style better-suited for academic papers. Cost: $45.00 USD (300 rmb) per hour. Minimum hours: 2.5

Business English and Cultural Awareness and Communication Seminars. Trimal has more than 12 years of experience teaching top-tier clients and executives in China and Japan. Cost: $200 USD (1,335 rmb) per hour.
Minimum hours: 2.5

TOEFL, GRE, SAT Training.
Harry has more than 5 years of experience preparing students for these daunting exams. He has helped several hundred students achieve high scores within a relatively short time-frames (eg. highest scores achieved include: TOEFL 116; SAT 2320 ; GRE writing AW increased from 3 to 4) and gain entry into thirty of the best universities in the United States including Columbia University, Pennsylvania University, Cornell University, University of Berkeley California, the University of Notre Dame, the University of California San Diego, and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Prior to training, we will create a personalized study plan to match your English language capability including study materials, content, and daily goals. We can also help you register for formalized (TOEFL, SAT etc) tests. Cost: One to one study is 300 rmb per hour. A course of study usually involves 12 hours of training in 6 sessions. Course content varies according to the student’s level. The cost for a class with multiple students can be discussed.

About Trimal

Trimal Documents was established in 1997 while Raymond Ambrosi was an MA graduate student. Trimal began by specializing in ESL tutoring, essay and paper proofreading and editing, presentation coaching. Since 2004, Trimal has specialized in editing, document writing, and education consulting. In 2013, Trimal was joined by Harry Hu, a TOEFL and GRE training specialist based in Beijing. Harry and Raymond work together to help students obtain entry to the very best universities, and to polish papers and presentations.

Proven track record:
Our meticulous editing and preparation of application documents has helped dozens of students gain entrance to top universities.
We have extensive experience proofreading articles for academic journals and business.
Clients include top-tier corporations including Via Technologies (威盛电子), HQCEC (中 国寰球工程公司), IGT Technology (美 国IGT公司), Sinovel (锐风), Lenovo (联 想), New Century Women’s Hospital (北京新世纪儿童医院), Tsinghua University 清华大学, Peking University Publishing House 北京大学出版社.

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Trimal Documents & Consulting 三合文件与咨询

Trimal Editing and Consulting为学术研究和商业,中英翻译,大学申请辅助提供校对和修改编辑的服务。我们的服务适用于:

1. 本科,研究生和博士研究生和学者
2. 英语非母语的学生
3. 商业和企业的网站和文件
4. 政府网站和文件
5. 文书需要个性化修改的个人

Trimal Editing 提供两项主要服务:

I. 编辑,文书写作和教育服务

II. 笔译,口译和教学

I. 编辑,文书写作和教育服务

  • Trimal 提供高度专业化和个性化的服务,帮助学生进入美国和加拿大顶尖大学。我们可以帮助写推荐信/投稿信,写作范例,个人陈述和所有的申请文书。如果您在文书方面有问题,您会需要我们的专业帮助。
  • 学术论文的编辑/校对,几乎所有学科的硕士和博士的课题论文和学位论文。
  • 编辑和校对- 书,网站文章,邮件,网站,商业计划书,申请课题资助,销售合同,宣传册和其它正式商业文件。
  • 定制设计从社会科学到现在商业发展趋势的课题研究报告和论文。
  • 笔译和口译服务。多年中英互译的口译和笔译经验。
  • 一对一辅导儿童,成人和专业人士。商业英语和文化意识和交际课程。提供专业的英语语言,文化意识和交际课程。

编辑/改写. 当我们编辑您的文档,我们将检查并提出以下适当的修改:

– 句式结构,时态和主被动的正确使用
–  冠词的正确使用,如:a, an, the
–  介词的正确使用,如: at, by, for, in, on, to
–  标点的正确使用
–  拼写错误和文字的使用错误
–  检查错写,大写字母的用法是否规范

– 确保结构和内容流畅良好,遵循逻辑发展
– 检查和调整恢复为最有效的结构和格式

– 词汇的准确度和单词变形/多样性
– 确定写作风格是否按照学术写作的要求
– 确保句与句之间流畅的连接

了解如何改进你的写作 : 在整篇论文中我会为您提供很多意见和建议,这样您就可以学习如何提高您的写作技巧。


1. 精锐/大面积修改– 非英语母语者的需要大量修改和重写的文书。精细的修改确保作者的思维过程得以清楚的表达,以便让他们的观点有力而简洁。

费用: 0.18加元 (1.0 元人民币)/单词
注: 95%的非母语的文书需要这样的服务水平

2. 精细修改- 接近英语母语者的需要显著修改和偶尔重写的文书。

费用: 0.11 加元 (0.6 元人民币)/单词
注: 此价格仅包括编辑工作,不包括密集重写文书的大部分内容

3. 少量修改- 接近英语母语者的需要在习惯用法,语法和标点上做标准修改的文件。

费用: 0.04 加元 (0.2 元人民币) /单词
注: 此价格适用于语法修改,包括标点,动词时态,拼写和句式结构的修改;不含重写,通常适用于英语母语者的文书修改。



最低收费: 64 加元 (350 元人民币), 不论字数.

解释: “最低收费” 意思是: 如果您的文书只有50个单词,价格并非50×1元=50元,而是350元。 即少于350词的任何文书,按350元收费。多于350词的任何文书,按每个词的费用收费。
♦ 最多两篇短信(200词每篇)和
♦ 一篇多于5000词的文章

紧急/加急收费: “4天加急”– 40%额外收费,适用于4天之内完成加急工作(即1.4元/单词的精锐服务).  “24小时加急”– 100% 额外收费,适用于24小时neighbor完成工作(即2元/单词的精锐服务)
所需时间: 所有通常的工作会在7天之内完成。加急的工作会在4天或24小时内完成。

II. TOEFL, SAT, GRE 培训,翻译服务和研讨会课程

中英/英中翻译  多年经验,为学术活动和企业客户提供中英互译。雇佣Trimal确保您有一位母语说英语的加拿大人在您的团队中,提供文化上精确的专业翻译。Harry能为您提供可靠的中英翻译。费用: 费用方面电话商议。在加拿大每天7小时800加元。

一对一指导指导  我也能当面修改你的论文,告诉你哪里写错了,为什么要这样修改。许多学生选择当面修改,因为这样他们能快速学到怎样更自然地用更恰当的方式写英文学术论文。费用: 每小时45.00 加元(242 元人民币) . 最少小时数: 2.5

商业英语和文化意识和交际研讨会课程  Trimal有超过12年的经验在日本和中国教学顶级客户和经理级别主管人员。 费用: 每小时200 加元 (1000 元人民币) 最少小时数: 2.5

TOEFL, GRE, SAT 培训  Harry有超过5年的应试培训经验,已经帮助数百名学生在较短时间内提分(托福最高提到116,SAT最高提到2320,GRE写作(AW)从3提到4),并成功进入美国前30大学(如哥伦比亚大学,宾夕法尼亚大学,康奈尔大学,加州大学伯克利分校,圣母大学,加州大学圣地亚哥分校,佐治亚理工等)。培训之前,可根据您的语言水平为您量身定制一份学习计划(如考试时间安排,学习内容,每天需完成的学习任务等,可提供代报名服务) 费用: 1对1每小时300元人民币(单项一般讲6次课12个小时,根据学员相应水平匹配讲课内容),若开班培训价格可具体商议。

关于 Trimal

Trimal Editing于1997年由当时还是研究生的Raymond Ambrosi所创立。 Trimal开始时专精ESL指导教学,写作和论文校对和修改,报告指导。从2004年开始,Trimal专精于文书修改,文档写作和教育咨询。2013年,Harry Hu加入了Trimal,一位北京托福和GRE培训专家。Harry and Raymond一起致力于帮助学生进入最好的大学,并且润色论文和报告。

客户包括一些顶尖集团,Via Technologies (威盛电子), HQCEC (中 国寰球工程公司), IGT Technology (美 国IGT公司), Sinovel (锐风), Lenovo (联 想), New Century Women’s Hospital (北京新世纪儿童医院), Tsinghua University 清华大学, Peking University Publishing House 北京大学出版社.


  • 在社会学相关学科有丰富的经验。人类学学士,人文地理学学士,人文地理学硕士,社会学博士。我在加拿大工作了7年,在大学的研究机构和政府部门从事社会学相关的研究,写作,编辑和校对工作。
  • 我得到了优秀学术项目的录取并且获得了最高奖学金(我曾是博士生SSHRC奖学金的接受者- SSHRC的PhD奖学金是由加拿大社会科学和人文科学研究理事会颁发,是加拿大最负盛名的奖学金)
  • 我已经帮助学生写了上百篇大学申请,帮助他们获得遍布北美和欧洲的优秀大学录取,例如哈佛大学,芝加哥大学,加州大学系和多伦多大学。



  1. 客户(您)发送文书给我。
  2. 我先仔细看看文书以确定我是否会同意做这个工作。如果文书写的非常不好或是由Google翻译所做,那么我会:a) 不接受这份工作; b)收更高的价钱。
  3. 如果我接受这份工作,我会通知客户,具体说明价格和我完成并发还文书的日期。
  4. 接受价格以后,客户必须提前支付应付款项。
  5. 我会在指定时间内完成工作并邮件发回。

联系我 Contact:

Telephone 电话: In Beijing, contact Harry at 138-1101-6484 If Harry does not answer, send him a polite txt message and he will reply. 如果没有接听,请发给Harry一个礼貌的信息,他会回复的。Contact Ray directly at the email address below. Correspondence in Chinese or English is fine. 请用一下的邮箱联系Ray(瑞)。中文英文都行。

Email: or

Trimal Document Proofreading Service

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