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Ambrosi Printers closed its doors in December 2014 after 85 years in business. Incredible success for a small family owned business that served the Regina community for so many decades.

The articles and photos that appear on this website form a digital on-line archive of the history of Ambrosi Printers, and present an array of interesting stories about letterpress printing technology, equipment, and methods.

Ever since the company was formed in December 6, 1929, by Michael Ambrosi in Regina, Saskatchewan, the company built its reputation on traditional craftsmanship and quality work.

Ambrosi Printer’s expertise lay in  letterpress printing which involved the casting of type using hot metal on a Ludlow Typograph machine. All of the equipment was entirely mechanical and had no electronic controls at all.  For years, Ambrosi Printers not only printed directly for customers, but also cast and sold a very wide variety of hot metal type set on a Ludlow machine to other printers all across North America.

The company was one of the last Printers around that cast type using the Ludlow Typograph system and at one time had well over 1200 fonts for customers to choose from. Type was set using three Ludlow machines while printing was one using the shop’s four Heidelbergs.

While the company operated, we printed or imprinted the following items or provided these services:

  • Foreign Language Business Cards & Stationery
  • General Business & Professional Stationery
  • All Kind of Die Cutting – Memoriam Cards -Prayer Cards
  • Poetry Cards – Mini Jigsaw Puzzles – Serviettes
  • Crash printing (front & back) – Grain Bags – Paper Bags
  • Legal Seals – Notion Bags – Notorial Seals – Rubber Stamps
  • Photo Mounts – Envelopes from Drug to X-Ray
  • Place Cards for Banquets
  • All Kinds of Numbering with Figures to 6″ high
  • Blockout & Re-Print
  • mprint Folded Brochures – Imprint File Folders


Assorted letterpress equipment and books for sale

Over the years we came into possession a great range of equipment, books and paraphernalia related to letterpress printing.  Some of it is exceedingly rare. Many of these things you will never see again and if you miss the chance to acquire it, well… then you’ve missed the chance. Please have a look here and if you see something you like, contact me with a good price.

Have a look at various items HERE


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Ambrosi Printers

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