How we begin  怎样开始

This is the standard process:

  1. Client (you) sends me the documents.
  2. I examine the documents to see if I will agree to do the job or not. If documents are very poor or translated by Google-Translate, then I will: a) not accept the work; b) charge a higher price.
  3. If I accept the work, I will notify the client, specify the price and the date that I will complete and return the document.
  4. After accepting the price, clients must send payment for the work in advance.
  5. I will complete the work within the specified time and email it back.



  1. 客户(您)发送文书给我。
  2. 我先仔细看看文书以确定我是否会同意做这个工作。如果文书写的非常不好或是由Google翻译所做,那么我会:a) 不接受这份工作; b)收更高的价钱。
  3. 如果我接受这份工作,我会通知客户,具体说明价格和我完成并发还文书的日期。
  4. 接受价格以后,客户必须提前支付应付款项。
  5. 我会在指定时间内完成工作并邮件发回。

联系我 Contact:

Telephone 电话: In Beijing, contact Harry at 138-1101-6484 If Harry does not answer, send him a polite txt message and he will reply. 如果没有接听,请发给Harry一个礼貌的信息,他会回复的。Contact Ray directly at the email address below. Correspondence in Chinese or English is fine. 请用一下的邮箱联系Ray(瑞)。中文英文都行。

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How we begin 怎样开始

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