Review of MyInfo Freeform Personal Organizer.

Review of MyInfo Freeform Personal Organizer after 3 years of daily use.

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MyInfo is a software application commonly known as “Note-taking software” or as a “Personal Information Manager (PIM). More technically, it is a freeform information manager. After using it for 3 years, I now rely on it more than ever because it outstandingly reliable, solidly designed, and extremely useful for cataloguing data for large research projects.

I previously used a now-defunct PIM note-taking tool called TreeDBNotes that often crashed and led to data loss. After switching to MyInfo to catalogue and store a massive number of WORD documents, PDFs and countless thousands of web-clippings, it has been utterly reliable and solid.  After 3 years, it has become the one tool that I use every day without exception. It handles my 3gb database quickly and efficiently, and the “search” function is extremely fast and convenient. MyInfo is the one application that I use every single day- every time I read something interesting online, and relevant to my research, I copy that item to MyInfo for storage. After the item is in MyInfo, I place the article in the appropriate “Topic” (different databases all of which can be opened independently or at the same time in tabs) and then assign a keyword tag to help with searching for relevant data later.

The program offers a very convenient way to store vast array of research notes, articles, web-clippings in branched tree and sub-tree categories. Data can be found easily through the tree-categories, through full-text search, and through the use of assigning tags or keyword to documents in the database There are several major PIM note-taking tools available. MyInfo is one of the very best in terms of its features and reliability. I am stunned that more researchers and students are not using this useful tool to organize university notes, class material, PDFs, essays, and web-data.
Best features
reliable, bug-free, fast, efficient, highly responsive developer who is constantly updating the program. Features are added quickly in response to user’s requests.
The web-clipping tool should be improved to allow for more accurate capture of web-page material,

Overall: If you’re a researcher, like to keep your textual data well-organized, or find yourself overwhelmed with myriad notes-to-self, interesting articles you read online and want to keep, snippets of information about your daily life, work, and hobbies, then I’m sure you’ll find MyInfo to be invaluable. Download the trial version. If you like it, then please buy it through my links here. It will support my research on folk martial arts organizations and rising civil society movements in rural China. If you are a researcher, I recommend the Pro version. You will need all of the features that the Pro version offers.

I am an affiliate reseller of MyInfo. I purchased it myself, and have found it invaluable and wish to introduce it to other users. Please support my research on rural martial arts and civil society movements by purchasing MyInfo from the links below.

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Check back in a few weeks. A greatly expanded review is in the work!

Exciting News: the developer of MyInfo announced that version 7 will be released this year. It will be cross-platform and offer mobile apps for iPhone, Android (Android apps can be installed on Blackberry 10 as well and run perfectly).