I. Editing and Proofreading, Document writing, and Educational Consulting

  • Editing and proofreading of academic papers, Masters and PhD theses and dissertations in nearly every discipline.
  • Editing and proofreading for books, articles websites, emails, websites, business proposals, grants, sales contracts, brochures, and other formal business documents.
  • Custom-designed research reports and papers on topics ranging from social sciences to contemporary business trends.
  • Translation and interpreting services. Many years experience in Chinese to English interpreting and translation.
  • One-on-one tutoring for children, adults, professionals. Business English and cultural awareness and communication courses.
  • Provision of professional English language and cultural awareness and communication courses.

Editing your document, we will check and make appropriate changes for the following:

Gramar, Spelling, Punctuation

  • sentence structure, tense and proper use of active and passive voice
  • proper use of articles such as: a, an, the
  • proper use of prepositions such as: at, by, for, in, on, to
    use of proper punctuation
  • spelling mistakes and word-usage mistakes
  • improper usage of contractions, and errors in capitalization


  • ensuring that the structure and content flow well and follow a logical progression
  • check and restructure resumes for most effective structure and formatting

Usage, Flow and Style

  • accuracy of words and word variation/diversity ascertain if the style is in accordance with academic style requirements
  • ensure smooth connections from one sentence to the next.

Learn how to improve your writing
We will provide many comments and suggestions throughout the paper so that you (the writer) can learn how to improve your writing skills.


I. 编辑,文书写作和教育服务

  • Trimal 提供高度专业化和个性化的服务,帮助学生进入美国和加拿大顶尖大学。我们可以帮助写推荐信/投稿信,写作范例,个人陈述和所有的申请文书。如果您在文书方面有问题,您会需要我们的专业帮助。
  • 学术论文的编辑/校对,几乎所有学科的硕士和博士的课题论文和学位论文。
  • 编辑和校对- 书,网站文章,邮件,网站,商业计划书,申请课题资助,销售合同,宣传册和其它正式商业文件。
  • 定制设计从社会科学到现在商业发展趋势的课题研究报告和论文。
  • 笔译和口译服务。多年中英互译的口译和笔译经验。
  • 一对一辅导儿童,成人和专业人士。商业英语和文化意识和交际课程。提供专业的英语语言,文化意识和交际课程。

编辑/改写. 当我们编辑您的文档,我们将检查并提出以下适当的修改:

– 句式结构,时态和主被动的正确使用
– 冠词的正确使用,如:a, an, the
– 介词的正确使用,如: at, by, for, in, on, to
– 标点的正确使用
– 拼写错误和文字的使用错误
– 检查错写,大写字母的用法是否规范

– 确保结构和内容流畅良好,遵循逻辑发展
– 检查和调整恢复为最有效的结构和格式

– 词汇的准确度和单词变形/多样性
– 确定写作风格是否按照学术写作的要求
– 确保句与句之间流畅的连接

了解如何改进你的写作 : 在整篇论文中我会为您提供很多意见和建议,这样您就可以学习如何提高您的写作技巧。

I. Editing and Proofreading, Writing and Educational Consulting 编辑,文书写作和教育服务

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