Research & Travel Photography Gallery 照片图库

I’ve been interested in photography since I was 10 years old using a Brownie box camera that took 120 spool film! I later moved on to a Yashica FX-3, then on to a Pentax Superprogram, a PZ1-P. Film was getting hard to purchase by then, and I moved on to an Olympus E-1, Pentax K7, and now a Nikon D800.

For more than 10 years I have been actively working on research projects in rural China where I lived in villages for years  documenting village folk customs, religious festivals, and daily life. Many of my favorite photos were taken during this time. Work and study in Japan led to a profound respect for the cultural practices and aesthetics that I encountered in daily life. Trips to Nepal showed me the beauty of that country, its stunning geography and impressive warm-hearted people.

The travel photography and research related galleries presented here attempt to portray the cultural and ecological rhythms of people and their living spaces.


Photography Gallery 照片图库

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