Calculating Costs 计算费用

Charging per word allows you to calculate your own cost before submitting your document.

Minimum Charge: $64 CAN (350 rmb), regardless of word count.

Explanation: “Minimum Charge” means: If your document is only 50 words, the cost will NOT be 50 x 1rmb = 50 yuan. The charge will be 350 yuan. Any document less than 350 words will be 350 yuan. Any document over 350 words will be charged at the per-word rate.
However, if you want me to correct:
—  a maximum of 2 short letters, (ie. 200 words each), and
—  a document longer than 5000 words
then we can combine the word count and I will charge for 5400 words. In this case, I won’t charge the 350 yuan minimum for each 200 word document. Special cases can be discussed.

Urgent/Rush Charge:
“4-Day Rush”
– 40% extra for rush jobs that must be completed within 4 days (ie 1.4 yuan/word for Elite Service).
“24 Hour Rush”– 100% extra if you need the job within 24 hours (ie 2 yuan/word for Elite Service).

Time Required: All regular jobs will be completed within 7 days. Rush jobs will be finished within 4 days or within 24 hours.



最低收费: 64 加元 (350 元人民币), 不论字数.

解释: “最低收费” 意思是: 如果您的文书只有50个单词,价格并非50×1元=50元,而是350元。 即少于350词的任何文书,按350元收费。多于350词的任何文书,按每个词的费用收费。
—  最多两篇短信(200词每篇)和
—  一篇多于5000词的文章

紧急/加急收费: “4天加急”– 40%额外收费,适用于4天之内完成加急工作(即1.4元/单词的精锐服务). “24小时加急”– 100% 额外收费,适用于24小时内完成工作(即2元/单词的精锐服务)

所需时间: 所有通常的工作会在7天之内完成。加急的工作会在4天或24小时内完成。

Calculating Costs 计算费用

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