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Trimal Documents and Consulting 三合文件与咨询  Professional help with university applications, resumes, personal statements, writing samples. Expert proofreading, editing for undergraduate papers, MA and PhD dissertations. We also provide interpreting and document translation in Chinese-English, English-Chinese. 我们能提供以下的专业服务:文件校对,申请国外大学的文书包括个人简历,PS,推荐信,writing sample; 商业文件; 本科,硕士或博士论文。 汉英英汉同声翻译和文件翻译。

Photography Gallery 照片图库  an exposition of research and travel photos

Meihuaquan Research 梅花拳研究  articles related to my PhD and ongoing research on folk martial arts traditions in north China.

Gear & Equipment Review 设备评估  reviews of various types of equipment and gear that has proven invaluable when doing anthropological field research, and reviews of computer software and equipment that has been helpful in working with field data.

Ambrosi Printers 安氏印刷厂 established in 1929 by Michael Ambrosi and operated by Phillip Ambrosi until 2014 December, this printing shop was one of the last shops fully equipped for letterpress printing. Here you will find a photographic tour of the shop, its equipment, technologies embedded in a wealth of historical stories.

Important Stuff  is a category for various organizations and groups, as well as study materials.  COMN 154 and SPCH 154 vocabulary “word clouds” can be found here.

Donations fund this site and ongoing ethnographic research
on folk martial arts and traditions in rural north China.
This includes the purchase of hardware, equipment for data
analysis and field expeditions.

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